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  • 2019 season’s greetings

    Published December 19, 2019

    Our favorit time of the… View

    Our favorit time of the year is here ...

    Another year has passed, marked by many activities and accomplishments. Now we are all looking forward to the upcoming festive period. We are excited to enjoy a warm and merry Christmas with our loved ones. With 2020 right around the corner, we are ready to start the celebrations for a new year filled with new fresh perspectives. Our Danfoss Fire Safety production will be closed from 23rd December 2019 to 1st January 2020 (both days included). During this period, we will still be able to assist with urgent inquiries. Please contact us via, so that we can respond to your request as quickly and efficiently as possible. For service and spare parts-related matters, please contact one of our dedicated e-mail addresses:Service:firesafety.service@danfoss.comSpare We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Happy holidays!

    Season’s greetings from Poul Harder Nielsen

    "Another year has passed and the time has come to celebrate New Year together with friends and family. Before we embark on 2020 however, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Danfoss Fire Safety partners and employees for their great efforts and contributions.2019 has been a fantastic and exciting year for Danfoss Fire Safety A/S. 2019 saw exponential growth for us, not only in terms of sales, but also in our ambition to move to smart platforms.In 2019 we significantly penetrated and achieved market growth in our core focus segments. This growth and market development is credited to you as a loyal customer together with our fantastic team and their unwavering enthusiasm and willingness to put their shoulders to the wheel and work together with you to help develop intuitive and intelligent, industry-leading solutions for the market.We have big expectations for 2020 and beyond. We are looking forward to our expansion together with you.I send you all season’s greetings and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year."   Poul Harder Nielsen

    General Manager & Vice President Danfoss Fire Safety

  • We embrace diversity

    Published February 20, 2017

    With the current global turmoil… View

    With the current global turmoil and increasing nationalism we praise our diversity in nationality, age, religion and gender.

    Danfoss Semco systems are used world-wide. From Canada to Australia, from the artic to South Africa. Our environment is truly global and so are our customers. Naturally our organisation should reflect this. Contrary to resent movements that alienate specific nationalities and foreigners in general, we embrace diversity. We believe that different cultures as well as diversity in background, nationality, gender and age provides a much more dynamic and inspiring workplace. Being inspired and working in a non-homogenous environment provides better and safer solutions for our customers. When we hire new employees, we select candidates based on competences, values and strong business ethics. This is the only way to foster superior performance. Our ambition is to be successful, not as a result of tariffs and trade barriers, but because we understand the customer and provide the right, easy and safe solution. We will make the world a safer place and hope our customers will see Danfoss Semco as the No.1 choice. Danfoss Semco employees (from right to left): Tom Lauritzen, General Manager (Denmark), Andrew Bates, Sales Manager (England), Fadel Abdullah, Foreman stores (Iraq), Aleksandra Bjerringholm, R&D Engineer (Poland), Brian Andersen, Worker (Denmark), Rashid Haddadi, Business Development Manager (Iran), Maria Salcudean, Marketing Coordinator (Romania). 
  • Delivering top quality is in our DNA

    Published December 16, 2016

    Being proud of your company… View

    Being proud of your company and product means you deliver better quality

    Why is it important that our piping runs straight and parallel? Why do we take time to design our units with protected wirering? This question may be asked by some. It does not impact the operation of our system or necessarily increase the life expectancy. BUT we take pride in our Scandinavian design history and the high craftsmanship that is a trademark of Denmark and Danfoss Semco. All dials and controls should be in the same location for better user interface. Our products should be easy and safe to install. Danfoss Semco does not deliver kits and boxes. We supply complete skid mounted units that have been thoroughly tested in our facility to guarantee superior performance. Should anything break after many years of operation, our stringent design will make troubleshooting and repair much simpler. Quality is not only a task for the control department. It is in the Danfoss Semco DNA. From design and procurement through manufacturing by highly skilled craftsmen to final commissioning by our experienced Service Engineers on site. Our ambition is to deliver the right, easy & safe solution to our customers making us the No. 1 choice in fire fighting. dreamteam-lp-co2_2A Danfoss Semco low-pressure CO2 system for the marine segment ready for shipment after final testing.
  • Happy and healthy employees deliver better results

    Published October 7, 2016

    Staying healthy and fit not… View

    Staying healthy and fit not only makes sense, but it also enables you to perform better

    All companies strive for superior performance. There are many ways to improve performance. In Danfoss Semco we work both on the hard and the soft side. Naturally staying loyal to our strategy is very import and so is using the large Danfoss tool box to optimize all processes in the firm. However staying healthy and fit is equally important. That is one of the reasons we have a running club in Danfoss Semco. The goal is always to have more participants in the annual ”Eventyrløb” (the fairytale run named after Hans Christian Andersen who was born in Odense). Danfoss Semco has participated in the run for more than 10 years and 2016 saw the highest number of participants ever. 42 employees and family members, ranging from 1 year to 54 years, enjoyed a nice day with hot dogs and drinks after the run. img_4648Very visible Danfoss Semco participants at the "Eventyrløb 2016"
  • 2015 was the best year ever for Danfoss Semco

    Published June 2, 2016

    We need a strong performance,… View

    We need a strong performance, so we can invest in the future

    Danfoss Semco has, over the past four years, been on a journey to transform the company to be at the absolute forefront of the water mist business. Not only have we increased our gross profit by 74% during this period, but we have also significantly improved delivery performance while launching a range of new products. At the same time we have invested heavily in product development and approvals. In 2015 we had our highest investment rate ever. As the market continues to grow we will see more and more standards being implemented. We see this as a natural evolution that ensures that only high quality manufacturers, like Danfoss Semco, that focus on safety and performance, are allowed to supply fire fighting systems. Furthermore it provides documentation of the superior performance of the High Pressure Water mist technology. However fire testing is very costly, ranging from 0.5mio. EUR for small tests to in excess of 3mio.EUR for larger tests. So for Danfoss Semco to stay at the forefront we need superior performance in all aspects of our business.  
  • Danfoss Semco wants to drive change

    Published February 16, 2016

    Understanding the customer’s need is… View

    Understanding the customer’s need is paramount

    Have you ever wondered if anyone would have suggested developing a mountain bike to the dying bicycle sector years ago or if a customer would have told Apple to develop an IPAD? Not likely. Danfoss Semco wants to drive change in a very conservative market. To develop and introduce new ways to solve old challenges. This means we must cooperate closely with our customers, but we must also be prepared to challenge their assumptions. To push the boundaries and find solutions that are more effective, simpler and more cost effective. An example is the use of our low-pressure CO2 systems in large container vessels. Nobody had done this before Maersk and Danfoss Semco introduced this on the Triple E vessels in 2013. Another example is the design of inverted or upright water mist nozzles for parking garages. Again Danfoss Semco is the first on the market. Throughout 2015 we have hosted a range of seminars across Europe for consultants, engineers and architects to introduce the water mist technology. To take the dialogue and develop a common understanding of the many benefits for building design and protection. We look forward to seeing many more during our 2016 seminars. Seminar Wembley stadiumThe latest  seminar was located at Wembley stadium and was focused on "Benefits of high-pressure water mist systems in commercial applications"
  • We want to be an attractive workplace

    Published November 4, 2015

    Showing your workplace to your… View

    Showing your workplace to your children during our “follow dad/mom to work” day.

    Having highly motivated employees is an important part of running a successful company. The days where job security was the primary concern are long gone. It is paramount for employees to feel that working for us is more than a job. One aspect is for their families to better understand what we at Danfoss Semco do. Like many other workplaces, we have a high number of parents with small children. All Danish school children have fall holiday during week 42, so we combined the situation of children being off school with the possibility to introduce our company to the smaller family members. More than 14 employees brought a total of 23 children to spent a full day with one of their parents at Danfoss Semco. The children spent time at the workplace of their parent and were shown their everyday work. And everyone had an introduction to our production and products. Naturally we also had time to play with LEGO, watch Disney movies and enjoy free soft ice. Working at Danfoss Semco should be more than simply a job and your family should also understand how you play an important role for company. Childrens day_3Childrens day_2
  • Danfoss Semco wins prestigious design award

    Published September 30, 2015

    Our focus on innovation is… View

    Our focus on innovation is rewarded as Danfoss Semco wins “Produktprisen” at the annual DI Business Summit.

    Innovation is at the core of Danfoss Semco DNA. We must constantly strive to develop new products that improve safety for our customers across the world.  Innovation is not just products. It comprises all aspects of our fire fighting solutions. We strive to design superior products, which enable simpler system design and operation. This lowers the life cycle cost for owners and also ensures that the crew feels confident when operating our system.  An example of our approach is the new SEM-SAFE®Bilge nozzle that has just been awarded “Produktprisen 2015”. The prize is given by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) to companies that develop superior customer focused products. Using our Bilge nozzle enables us to design a single technology system i.e. there is no need for a foam system in the bilge area and we can avoid using lethal CO2 in the engine room. To the owner and crew this means increased time at sea, as the system is always ready to use (no need to return to harbor to refill foam or CO2 after a release), and faster fire fighting as the crew is more confident with a safer and simpler technology. See the award ceremony and winner's speech hereDI product price winnerThree proud winners of DI's product prize in the middle. (Henrik Bygbjerg, Tom Lauritzen and Thomas Knudsen).Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen (right) and Karsten Dybvad (left) from DI, who presented diploma, flowers and a sculpture donated by Alexander Foss' Industrifond. Photo by Hans Søndergård.
  • We are investing more than ever

    Published June 1, 2015

    We do as Maersk. Invest… View


    We do as Maersk. Invest heavily when times are tough to be ready when the market picks up again

    Many companies are starting to see the end of the financial crisis. This may be true in the construction business where Danfoss Semco has seen very high growth over the last three years, but the marine business is still struggling. Our company has a track record of continuously investing in new product development and approvals. An example is our bilge nozzle launched in 2014. We are still the only company in the world that has an approved nozzle that can cover a bilge height up to 1.5m and hence provide a totally water based firefighting system for most vessels. 2015 will continue this trend with a record investment in our future. We are expanding our R&D department, we are conducting the highest number of fire tests ever and we expect to introduce even more products in 2015 and 2016. We trust this further strengthen Danfoss Semco as the preferred provider for engineering design companies, owners and shipyards.
  • Meet the CEO

    Published December 4, 2014

    Dear Customer, Being successful in… View

    Easy-business-7 Dear Customer, Being successful in today’s fast paced environment requires a transformation of the way we do business. At Danfoss Semco, and in the fire fighting business in general, we are faced with an interesting dilemma. Our industry has safety as the number one objective, both in terms of protecting human life and safeguarding material assets. This leads to a very conservative approach and thus slow adoption of new technology and processes. Our water mist technology offers a long list of benefits to both designers, architects and installers on top of the significantly shorter down time in case of fire due to low water damage. Likewise our customers see many operational advantages in changing from high-pressure CO2 systems to low-pressure CO2 systems. But offering the best products and solutions on the market is not sufficient to succeed. To gain customer loyalty we must also be the best in our day-to-day interaction with you our customers. To Danfoss Semco this means that we must be EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH. Easy to do business with means that all business transactions are fast and simple and we meet or exceed your expectations in terms of both quality and delivery. In 2015 we are implementing many new processes and tools to support our ambition. The first step is the launch of our new portal where user friendliness has been the most important design parameter. I hope you will enjoy our new website and look forward to doing business with you.


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