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  • Safety Expo 2022

    Safety Expo 21-22 September 2022

    Published 29 July 2022

    Safety Expo is a free two-day event dedicated… View


    Safety Expo is a free two-day event dedicated to fire prevention and occupational health and safety on the Italian market.

    Safety Expo is a great opportunity for stakeholders to promote their solutions, useful insights, and the culture of safety. Architects, consultants, engineers, designers, developers and etc. have the time to exchange ideas and discuss market trends.

    Register here

    Exhibition opening hours:
    Wednesday 21 September: 8:15 – 18:00
    Thursday 22 September: 8:15 – 18:00

    Location: Bergamo Exhibition Centre, Via Lunga, Bergamo, Italy 24125

    Stand number: 63-64

    Read more useful info here.

    Danfoss Fire Safety and Safe Antincendi with a common stand, which can be found in stand 63-64, will present the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system.

    The system is safe, efficient and uses an environmentally friendly technology.  

    Protecting any building in a city with SEM-SAFE high-pressure water mist system

    Some of the key advantages in choosing a high-pressure water mist system are:

    • Low water consumption
    • Tackling fire swiftly and efficiently
    • Sustainable and clean fire safety technology
    • One solution for all areas in a building
    • Minimum down-time
    • Aesthetic design
    • Flexibility in installation

    Danfoss Fire Safety in short

    Danfoss Fire Safety A/S is a global leader in fire fighting systems. Under the brand name SEM-SAFE®, numerous buildings have been installed worldwide such as hotels, data centres, high-rise buildings, hospitals, automotive, tunnels, airports and industrial buildings.
    Our focus is on sustainability, safety, and cost efficiency.

    Safe Antincendi in short

    Safe Anticendi S.r.l.  is an Italian authorized partner for Danfoss Fire Safety A/S and can provide experience you can rely on in designing and installing SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist systems.

    We are very proud to participate in this event to showcase our solution within this field with very advanced technology.

    Do you want to set up a meeting at Safety Expo with one of our fire safety specialists or you have a project in mind?

    Don't hesitate to reach out!

    Antonio Terio

    Antonio Terio

    Business Development Manager - Italy
    +39 3403 253 312

    Michele Granata

    Michele E. Granata

    Sales & Business Development Manager
    +39 3358 457 084

    Take a look at some of our documentation and get familiarized with the SEM-SAFE® fire protection system

    Fire protection for hotel

    Fire protection for hotel

    EN | IT

    Fire protection for high-rise building

    Fire protection for high rise building

    EN | IT

    Fire protection for hospital

    Fire protection for hospital

    EN | IT

    Fire protection for data centre

    Fire protection for data centre

    EN | IT

    Fire protection for car park

    Fire protection for car park

    EN | IT

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  • Nordic Fire & Safety days

    Meet us at Nordic Fire & Safety Days in Sweden

    Published 8 June 2022

    Date: 21-22 June 2022 Location: Lund University in… View

    Date: 21-22 June 2022

    Location: Lund University in Lund, Sweden

    The conference will focus on innovative solutions, processes and methods in fire suppression, detection , risks and more.

    Make your registration to the event here

    Note: Please contact Linnéa Hemmarö at for your entry ticket or you can also register on site.

    RISE_Nordic Fire & Safety Days 2022

    This year, the panel of experts will be discussing fire safety in timber buildings and sustainability.
    Climate friendly solutions and energy efficiency is at the core of Danfoss’s vision and actions. 

    Oliver Bradley, our Water Mist Solution Manager is looking forward to welcoming you to the Danfoss booth, where you can get insights into our SEM-SAFE® fire protection system based on high-pressure water mist technology. Learn about:


    • Advantages of choosing high-pressure water mist for fire safety in timber buildings, including project examples
    • The performance of our aesthetically designed nozzles, which can be ordered in any color to fit with the interior design
    • Flexibility when installing a SAFE-SAFE® system, due to the small diameter stainless steel pipes
    • Space saving fire protection systems, with no or a smaller size water reservoir needed
    • How all large scale hospitals in Denmark are benefiting by being protected with a SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system
    Oliver Bradley

    If you want to book a meeting during the event or you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Oliver

    Oliver Bradley
    Water Mist Solution Manager

    We look forward to seeing you soon in Lund, Sweden.

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  • Firexpo South Africa

    Danfoss showcases sustainable fire safety solution at first-ever Firexpo

    Published 27 May 2022

    Danfoss Fire Safety, a member of the global… View

    Danfoss Fire Safety, a member of the global Danfoss Group, will demonstrate the benefits of high-pressure water mist technology for fire protection in commercial and industrial buildings at the upcoming Firexpo South Africa 2022 trade show, focusing on a more intelligent, sustainable method of fire protection.
    Danfoss at FIREXPO South Africa Get your free entry ticket for both the fair and conference here Firexpo 2022 will take place from 31 May to 02 June 2022 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, and entrance for visitors is free of charge. “While water has been used for centuries to combat fires, high-pressure water mist represents a breakthrough in fire fighting,” explains Lewis Oxley, Global Category Manager: Data Centres at Danfoss. “High-pressure water mist technology uses the same method as traditional sprinklers, but with the added effect of producing a high-level of atomisation. By atomising the water at high pressure, we are able to use the water in a far more efficient way. “In fact, we can use less water and still be more effective than a traditional sprinkler system. High-pressure water mist has excellent fire suppression properties, including capture of smoke particles, strong reduction of radiant heat and rapid lowering of temperature. Fire triangle-Danfoss Fire SafetyConsider the fire triangle: a fire is reliant on the presence of oxygen, heat and combustible material to survive. The removal of any one of these elements will extinguish the fire. “A high-pressure water mist system takes away two points of the fire triangle, namely oxygen and heat. This means that the water mist combines the suppression effect of gas and traditional sprinkler systems by removing the oxygen (locally at the flame front), while also cooling the fire. “At the same time, water damage is kept to a minimum due to the system’s low water consumptions. There is also no need to fill cylinders, and no requirement for extra installations,” Oxley adds. Visitors to the Danfoss Firexpo stand (Hall 3, stand FB05) will have the opportunity to learn more about its SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system, which allows for quick, intelligent fire fighting for any building type, from modern high rises and hospitals to airports, universities and more. “Data centres too are a critical area for fire protection. Here, we’ve found that gas and chemical-based options usually involve releasing chemicals over a large area, requiring the shutdown of ventilation, introduction of pressure relieve vents, and periodic room integrity tests. The disadvantages of using these systems, are large areas to store cylinders with high refill costs post discharge, as well as time-consuming clean-up operations, staff safety and downtime. “The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system is designed as pre-action giving more resilience than gas-based systems and is ready for use again immediately after discharge. Not only this, but the data centre can be kept up and running while the fire is being extinguished, and the system is harmless to people. There is no need to shut off ventilation before releasing the water mist, and a complete building can be protected with just one pump unit.” The Danfoss SEM-SAFE® system uses up to 80 percent less water than other water-based fire suppression/ extinguishing technologies. Furthermore, Danfoss is the only high-pressure water mist manufacturer with 68°C rated data centre nozzles, which means data halls can be run at higher temperatures without the fear of false activation. This reduces the cooling demand in data centres and helps to minimise the energy consumption for cooling. There is also zero risk of oil contamination thanks to ultra-clean pump technology, with no requirement for oil. Interested Firexpo visitors are invited to attend a presentation by Oxley, where he will cover the benefits of high-pressure water mist technology when it comes to the protection of people and equipment within the data centre. Oxley’s session will take place in the free-to-attend Securex seminar theatre on Tuesday 31 May 2022 at 13:30.
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  • Firex International 2022

    See you at FIREX International Exhibition and Conference

    Published 11 May 2022
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  • Securex-West-Africa

    Join us at Securex West Africa

    Published 11 May 2022
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  • Grand Training tour with Michele

    Water mist seminars – Italian grand tour 2022 with Michele

    Published 31 March 2022

    Join Michele’s educational sessions in Italy, and gain… View

    Join Michele's educational sessions in Italy, and gain insight into innovative fire protection solutions with high-pressure water mist for commercial and industrial buildings. The seminars are accredited, and are targeted at fire safety professionals, designers, architects, consultants, installers, building owners and administrators.

    The events are organized by PrevenzioneIncendItalia, an Italian association committed to fire protection engineering and to knowledge sharing about the rules and directives in the fire safety community.


    5 cities – 5 dates – 5 solutions - 5 opportunities to learn about high-pressure water mist for fire safety

    Michele E. Granata, our Sales & Business Development Manager at Danfoss Fire Safety, will be a keynote speaker at five seminars organised by PrevenzioneIncendItalia in 2022, in the following iconic cities Venice, Ancona, Trento, Rome and Florence.

    In each city, Michele will bring forward a specific topic related to fire protection with water mist, tackling examples of projects and highlighting the technical solution for that building.

    All presentations will be live, in Italian.

    However, you are welcome to contact Michele at for the possibility to get separate English sessions.

    Please find below the cities, dates, and topics. Click the link to find the exact venue and make your registration. 







    12 April 2022

    14:30 - 18:30

    Water mist - the optimal fire protection for historical hotel buildings



    25 May 2022

    14:30 - 18:30

    Water mist - the optimal fire protection for large data centres



    29 September 2022

    15:00 -


    Flexible installation with a high-pressure water mist system in retrofitting historic buildings



    6 October 2022

    14:30 -


    What is considered when choosing a fire protection solution in shopping centres



    11 October 2022

    Water mist - the optimal fire protection for heritage buildings


    *TBA - To be announced

    ** - Topics are subject to change. Keep an eye on the program.


    Grand training tour with Michele

    Michele E. Granata

    Sales & Business Development Manager

    Michele has more than 20 years experience in the fire safety field, and has successfully managed high-pressure water mist installation across application types.

    "In 2022 I would like to take you on a learning journey that gives you an insight into high-pressure water mist fire safety solutions and projects in Italy. 

    I will present applications and cases that are connected with megatrends that impact our lives, such as urbanisation, digitalisation and sustainability, but also preservation of historical artifacts for generations to come.

    I look forward to meeting you in one or all of the five events."


    Check out our brochures and case studies to learn about fire protection in various building types with the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system.

    Fire protection for hotels

    Reliable fire protection for hotels | EN

    Fire protection for data centres

    Reliable fire protection for data centres | EN

    Fire protection for hospitals

    Reliable fire protection for hospitals | EN

    Fire protection for high-rise building

    Reliable fire protection for high-rise buildings | EN

    Vatican case story

    Fire protection for Vatican library in Rome with
    - case study | EN

    Verne Global cases tory

    Fire safety in sustainable Verne Global's data centre, Iceland
    - case study | EN

    Skaio case story

    Fire protection for SKAIO timber high-rise building 
    - case study | EN

    Alsik hotel case story

    Alsik hotel, danish green building with sustainable fire protection
    - case study | EN

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  • Securexpo East Afrika

    SECUREXPO East Africa 2022

    Published 24 March 2022
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  • SFPE22


    Published 24 March 2022

    International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety… View

    International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods

    SFPE 2022 International Conference

    Danfoss, an official sponsor for the 14th SFPE International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, would like to invite you to join the virtual event on 23-25 March 2022.

    This conference is hosted every other year and is known globally as the premier event for engineering professionals looking to stay abreast of advancements.

    📣 Why we encourage you to participate?
    There will be three days of technical presentations, live discussion, and networking with global experts on current and future trends in fire regulatory systems for performance-based design.

    The conference will run for six hours each day.
    It will be available for registered attendees to view on-demand through May 16.

    Registration includes access to all technical sessions, where you can earn up to 25 PDH credits.

    The conference provides insight into AHJs, researchers, architects, and students, as well as product manufacturers.

    A message from Lucia Ortega, SFPE Denmark Chapter President, inviting you to attend the event.

    If you don't have the opportunity to join the conference but wish to hear about the subject, then please contact Lucia discuss options for a meeting at For full program and registration, please click here
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  • Two days Academy Training for service engineers

    Published 1 February 2022

    A productive start to the year by “firing… View

    A productive start to the year by “firing up” the SEM-SAFE® Academy Training program.

    Peter Knudsen, our Training Manager, successfully implemented a training module covering the safe operation and maintenance procedure for the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system. Service engineers from our Partner companies travelled to Odense, Denmark, where they spent quality time in our Training and Development Center. Here they got to see the full SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system in action, test the low water consumption of the nozzles, and obtain knowledge about how the individual components work, including the pump unit, section valves, and unit control panel. Thank you to all the representatives who attended from Fireworks, Mist Fire Ltd, and Skyline Engineering.
    SEM SAFE Academy Training 1
    SEM SAFE Academy Training 12
    SEM SAFE Academy Training 13
    Previous Next
    If you are interested in and would like to experience how the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system works in real life, please don't hesitate to contact Peter at to discuss booking an appointment to visit the Training and Development Center in Odense.
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