Kim Fausing visits Danfoss Fire Safety in Odense

Published 21 December 2022

Kim Fausing visits Danfoss Fire Safety in Odense

This week, the colleagues at Danfoss Fire Safety in Odense Denmark, had the pleasure of hosting the CEO of Danfoss, Kim Fausing.

We were excited to discuss our company’s journey during the last years, where we have brought innovative solutions to the market. We are aiming to achieving high growth for Danfoss Fire Safety and our customers,” says Poul Harder Nielsen, General Manager, Danfoss Fire Safety.

Digitalization, sustainability, innovation, and people continue to be the pillars on which we develop the business.

Kim visited our Training and Development Centre. 
He greeted colleagues from production and got to learn about the benefits of high-pressure water mist technology for fire protection. In addition, it was our pleasure to showcase the impressive low-pressure CO2 tanks, which provide fire safety on board ships worldwide.

Kim Fausing took the time to present the Danfoss Core & Clear strategy. According to Kim the key drivers for the company’s success are engaged employees, a leading product portfolio and digitalization.  

We wish to offer our thanks to Kim for taking the time to stop by Danfoss Fire Safety.

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