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  • Spreading the word about one of the best fire fighting systems

    Published 25 April 2016

    Spring of 2016 has proven to be very… View

    Spring of 2016 has proven to be very busy for Danfoss Semco in China. Danfoss Semco was an active participant and key note presenter at the “Annual Conference of Shanghai Architectural Society of Building Water Supply & Drainage Branch”. The Architectural Society of Shanghai China is an academic society founded in 1953, which brings together construction experts from all sorts of branches. The conferences organized by the association are very well known in East China. This year the event took place in the Shanghai Modern Design Institute, attracting elite architects, structural engineers and various building suppliers. Fire fighting in buildings was among the “hot” topics on this year’s program. The main objective of Danfoss Semco was to convince an audience of more than 200 people of the benefits of the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system for fire fighting in any type of building. Mission accomplished!The event was a success. Mr Michal Zhang, general manager of ICAN Shanghai, one of Danfoss Semco’s official distributors in China, introduced the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system as one of the most advanced fire fighting technologies. Besides being a reliable system, the SEM-SAFE® system respects the integrity of a building. Putting out the fire in seconds, without using any chemical additives and with minimal consumption of water and close to no water damage, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly and efficient fire fighting systems available, and is totally safe for human beings. The presentations and discussions that took place during the seminar have led to a high interest in high-pressure water mist. As a results several more seminars and trainings are already being discussed, where Danfoss Semco can take the opportunity to explain the details behind the high–pressure water mist technology and present the track record of projects where SEM-SAFE® has been installed worldwide. IMG_2725Mr Michal Zhang, general manager of ICAN Shanghai, spreading the word about one of the best fire fighting systems in the market: SEM-SAFE®

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  • Water mist pioneer, Jens Jepsen, is retiring after 26 years

    Published 18 April 2016

    After working with water mist from the very… View

    After working with water mist from the very beginning, Jens Jepsen has decided to retire at the end of April 2016.

    Jens Jepsen started developing the SEM-SAFE® water mist system in the early nineties and has been an important part of the Danfoss Semco research and development team ever since. For one, Jens has been part of forming the important ground rules within fire fighting with water mist, especially high-pressure, including IMO (from 1994) and CEN (from 2007). In addition, Jens is honary member of IWMA (International Water Mist Association) due to his engagement in water mist. Finally, Jens is probably one of the people in the world who has performed the most fire tests with water mist. For Jens, a personal success was to be able to work with a product where the quality was the best and also had a place in the market. Also, it has always been important to create safety and satisfaction for the customer by finding solutions every day that he could vouch for. Jens Jepsen appreciates the good times he has had with the remarkable people from the business. When Jens retires he will spend time with his family, working on his house and summer house, and go fishing and hunting. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jens Jepsen for the extreme amount of work and dedication he has given our company throughout the years. We believe that the success of water mist very much if owed to the commitment of Jens Jepsen. We wish Jens Jepsen all the best in the future. IMG_4528
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  • Re-confirming more than 12 years of partnership

    Published 1 April 2016

    The German partner “Callies Brandbekämpfungsysteme GmbH” was among… View

    The German partner "Callies Brandbekämpfungsysteme GmbH" was among the first companies specializing in high-pressure water systems for land based applications.

    In March 2016 Callies and Danfoss Semco reconfirmed the partnership by signing a new agreement. As one of the pioneers in high-pressure water systems for land based applications “Callies Brandbekämpfungsysteme GmbH” became a valuable partner back in 2004.  (At this time to Semco Maritime as the predecessor for Danfoss Semco). Throughout the years Callies has been, and still is, a strong contributor to the growth and acceptance of our technology in a rather conservative fire fighting business segment. We highly value the efforts and commitment of Managing Director Oliver Callies and his team as a long standing and dedicated partner, says Mogens Jessen, Director, Water Mist Industrial & Commercial, Danfoss Semco. News_calliesOliver Callies, Managing Director, Callies Brandbekämpfungssysteme GmbH (right) and Peter M. Knudsen, Country Manager, Danfoss Semco A/S See more about Callies Brandbekämpfungssysteme GmbH here
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