The Megawatt Tour of Europe 2023

Published 5 April 2023

Our amazing colleague, David Sherrington, is taking part in the Megawatt Tour of Europe, cycling from Amsterdam on 17th of April and aiming to reach Monaco on 25th of April, just in time for Datacloud Global Congress Monaco (Tag BroadGroup). The tour is raising funds on behalf of Mates in Mind, a charity raising awareness and addressing the stigma of poor mental health and promoting the development of positive mental wellbeing within the workplace across a broad range of industries.

I feel very privileged to take part in this opportunity for such an important cause. For nine days, I will be pedalling alongside a team of great people to raise awareness of mental health and to promote the connection between physical activity, a sense of purpose, and general wellbeing.

The 1,600km tour will certainly be a physical and mental challenge, and I look forward to progressing through it day by day, culminating with our arrival at Datacloud Global Congress.” David shares with enthusiasm and anticipation.

The Megawatt Tour of Europe

For more info about the tour, the riders and how you can donate, please go to the website: DPR MW Tour of Europe (

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