The first water mist producer in China to have CCCF approval

Published 5 November 2015

Outstanding quality and performance is crucial for Danfoss Semco and is reflected in all of our products. Only in this way is it possible to keep our customers satisfied and ensure the best possible fire fighting system.

Our efforts to manufacture a reliable and safe product have paid off yet again. We are very proud to announce that our SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system for fire fighting has passed all the tests and quality management criteria demanded by the audit of China Mandatory Approval. This makes Danfoss Semco the first manufacturer to gain a CCCF Mandatory Certificate.

Having a professional R&D team, solid technical support as well as full control over the production of our key components, has put Danfoss Semco in a unique leading position in the Chinese market for years to come.


From September 2014, all water mist products have been included in the directory of mandatory certified products. This means that all the original voluntary certificates had to be changed to mandatory certificates before the end of August 2015.

Danfoss Semco worked closely with TFRI (Tianjin Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security) and was the first to hand in the mandatory certification application. During the product testing, SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system got a high degree of recognition from TFRI. In September 2015, Danfoss Semco received the CCCF mandatory certificate.

“A high quality product is the foundation for market development. To abide by the rules of healthy market development  is our principle, we will commit ourselves to holding the leading position in the Chinese market for high-pressure water mist systems for fire fighting” explains Ms. Jiang Jijian, VP of Danfoss SEMCO China.

To see the certificate, click here.


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