Starting 2016 on a high note

Published 30 March 2016

In December 2015, the entire Danfoss Semco China team gathered together for a meeting far away from the daily office environment, in Sanya, a beautiful, tropical city situated on Hainan Island in Southeast China.

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The meeting had two main objectives: to make a summary of activities in 2015 and to draft the objectives and upcoming events for 2016. With these two main topics in mind, the meeting was of great importance. It was an opportunity to gather all the lessons learned in 2015 and implement this knowledge into planning 2016, ensuring that the year would start on a high note.

For 2016, the team has approached 4 subjects:

  • Divide Danfoss Semco China into one division responsible for sales in the southern part of China and one division responsible for sales in the northern part of China. The purpose of this decision is to strengthen our networks of distributors and to reinforce our sales and marketing activities.
  • The roles within the Danfoss Semco China organisation have been redefined to take advantage of staff skills and abilities.
  • A completely new strategy called “Must Win Battles 2016” has been brainstormed to cover price management, sales strategy, market development and certificate target.
  • Training within pipeline management.

The meeting was a success and all employees gained a good understanding of the goals and responsibilities within Danfoss Semco China.

To ensure team cohesion, several sessions of the meeting in Sanya were allocated to team building, improving staff morale and enhancing skills.

We have taken all the right steps towards a good start to 2016 and the team is confident that it will be a productive year.

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