Running customer support online

Published 15 June 2020

Digitalisation has stretched to every corner of our business and has made it possible to accomplish things that a decade ago would have required travelling and the use of conventional methods. Andrew Bates, Service Sales Manager and Henrik Bygbjerg, Global Service Director, have successfully performed online service projects with our marine customers, which enable ships to continue sailing and not lose business.

Keep the business going- safety, steadily & remotely

“With the use of digital tools & assets, we can reach and service customers anywhere in the world and improve our response time. Digitalisation adds another layer to the mix, when interacting with the customer via phone or computer. But both us and our customers see the benefits in digitalisation and learn to embrace it. We aim for offering the best possible support for the servicing & commissioning of fire safety systems in order to keep the customer’s business going – safely, steadily & remotely”, says Andrew. To learn more about reliable service for your fixed fire fighting system, please contact Andrew Bates at


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