“Click” solution for SEM-SAFE® nozzle installation

Published 2 April 2020

The SEM-SAFE® nozzle installation kit has been developed to fit the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist nozzle and is compatible with a variety of ceiling types. It is suitable for drop-hose installation and fixed piping. It allows for easy installation and servicing of nozzles.

The SEM-SAFE® nozzle installation kit can be used for the following purposes:  

  • simply covering the nozzle or  
  • installing the nozzle in the ceiling, while also ensuring nozzle coverage

Simplicity and ease of use were key parameters in developing this solution. With the help of magnets fitted to the clamp disc, the cover plate simply ‘clicks’ and covers the installation area. 

By using the nozzle installation kit, the SEM-SAFE® nozzle can be installed last and the pressure testing can be done before the nozzle is finally installed in the ceiling. With this installation solution, any maintenance and inspection as well as alteration to the ceiling can be done without interfering with the high-pressure water mist nozzle and system, thereby saving time on installation and maintenance significantly. 

The “click” solution kit includes 3 main components:

Clamp disc
– to be installed around the nozzle neck. The clamp disc is designed as a multi bracket, to utilize for both installing nozzles with screws and for installing nozzle with “spider” weldment functionality.


Cover plate – clicks on clamp disc to cover the nozzle installation area.

“Spider” weldment
– needed when screws can not be used for installation. Supports installation from the top side of the ceiling.



There are three methods in total of installing the nozzle using the SEM-SAFE® nozzle installation kit:

  1. Nozzle installation with cover plate and clamp disc – nozzle covering only

2. Nozzle installation with cover plate and clamp disc – installation directly in the ceiling or wall with screws

3. Nozzle installation with cover plate, clamp disc and “spider” weldment – installation directly in the ceiling or wall with the use of “spider” weldment

How to order

To order the SEM-SAFE® nozzle installation kit, write to our Customer Centrer via
Please enclose the item number, the quantity you wish to order, your reference number, delivery address and contact information for the recipient. Remember to state the delivery date you require. The item number can be found in the data sheet. If you require the installation kit for a nozzle not listed in the data sheet, please specify the nozzle ID and nozzle part number and our Customer Centre will contact you back. 

The sky´s the limit

The cover plate can be painted in any RAL colour with standard gloss 10 (matt) and up to gloss 90.
This helps the Danfoss product to blend in with whatever beautiful room 
and ceiling design and colours you choose. When ordering a coloured cover plate from our Customer Centre, make sure to also mention the RAL colour and gloss required. Customer Centre would then contact you back about the new price and new item number for the coloured cover plate you specified. 


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