Best fire suppression system for Data Centre

Published 26 February 2019

Technological advances in fire suppression for data centres over the last 20 years mean that gas & chemical-based solutions developments are becoming obsolete. Amongst their disadvantages are the facts that they usually involve releasing chemicals over a wide area and require ventilation systems to be shut down to remove oxygen. Electrical supply often has to be cut & clean-up operations take time. Staff safety, damage limitation & the amount of downtime are all major disadvantages with these traditional solutions.

More & more data centres have therefore been turning to high-pressure water mist solutions. These systems comprise a tailor-made network of nozzles, which release micro-fine particles of water exactly at the point of the incident. While the localised fire is quickly extinguished, the remainder of the data centre’s operations and equipment remain unaffected & can be kept up & running.  The solution is completely harmless to staff and equipment & clean up is swift.


High pressure water mist fire suppression – how it works

The key benefit of high-pressure water mist fire suppression solutions are the extremely low levels of water used. Using a high-pressure pump, clean water is forced through a specially designed, tested network of stainless steel pipework and nozzles at 60 or 100bar. The microfine water droplets emitted have sizes ranging from 50 to 200 µm. They quickly vaporise to cool and extinguish the fire, by displacing the oxygen around the fire zone. With this localised response, only the nozzle at the affected point is triggered and hardly any trace of water remains after activation. The area does not need to be sealed in the same way that a gas suppression system requires and ventilation does not need to be turned off. Energy supply and business operations can continue as usual.


Proven experience in data centres

Danfoss is a global leader in the sale, development, production and service/commissioning of certified fixed fire fighting systems under the brand name SEM-SAFE®. Innovation is our approach. Our SEM-SAFE® system for data centres uses high-pressure water mist. We have been engineering and pioneering SEM-SAFE® fire fighting systems for decades and have successfully designed and installed systems in major data centres.


Data Centre World London

Data centre experts meet this year at Data Centre World 2019 in London. Danfoss is participating here with Fireworks, our official business Partner for UK market.

“Fireworks was the first company to install high-pressure water mist solutions for data centres in the UK” said Derek Killaspy, Managing Director of Fireworks. “Moreover, major data centres around the world have put their confidence in the Danfoss SEM-SAFE® systems that we work with. Each year on our exhibition stand with Danfoss at Data Centre World, we are continuing to see even more interest for our solutions.”

For more information on the SEM-SAFE® product meet us on Stand D1166 at Data Centre World on 12th and 13th March at London’s Excel.

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