Freiburger Brandschutztag 2020 congress & exhibition

Published 29 September 2020

Topic of Freiburger Brandschutztag 2020 congress & exhibition
“Fire protection in schools and in day-care centers”

Opening date
Thursday, 8th October 2020,  08:00 – 17:45

Europa Park Arena
Europa-Park-Straße 4+6
77977 Rust

Freiburger Brandschutztag 2019

Whether in schools or day-care centres, fire protection of children and personnel is a top priority. Danfoss Fire Safety offers SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system, a reliable and efficient fixed fire safety solution for any school, day-care centre or educational facility. High-pressure water mist is documented to successfully control a fire. In addition, the system also helps to control heat, smoke and toxic gas, which can be an advantage in the safe evacuation.

SEM-SAFE high-pressure water mist system provides reliable fire safety for pupils, staff and the building itself in any applications

Advantages of SEM-SAFE   high-pressure water mist system in schools and day-care centers are:

  • Perfect solution for both new and old buildings, easy to retrofit
  • Easy to integrate with other installations
  • Freedom to design the building due to small stainless-steel pipe dimensions
  • Special fire hazards such as kitchens and laboratories can also be protected

Money saving solution

  • Reduced water damage in case of a fire
  • The system has a very small footprint and is very compact. This means more space is saved for other purposes.
  • Possibility of glass cooling, which presents a major cost saving potential through the ability to specify thinner glass

Take the opportunity and visit Thomas Helmle at Freiburger Brandschutztag 2020 and learn more about sustainable & modern fire safety technology, the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system.

Thomas Helmle
Sales & Business Development Manager – Germany


The intelligent use of water
fire fighting technology

Philipps University in Germany
case story

Alsion University in Denmark
case story

Land University Library in Sweden
case story


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