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  • Delivering top quality is in our DNA

    Published 16 December 2016

    Being proud of your company and product means… View

    Being proud of your company and product means you deliver better quality

    Why is it important that our piping runs straight and parallel? Why do we take time to design our units with protected wirering? This question may be asked by some. It does not impact the operation of our system or necessarily increase the life expectancy. BUT we take pride in our Scandinavian design history and the high craftsmanship that is a trademark of Denmark and Danfoss Semco. All dials and controls should be in the same location for better user interface. Our products should be easy and safe to install. Danfoss Semco does not deliver kits and boxes. We supply complete skid mounted units that have been thoroughly tested in our facility to guarantee superior performance. Should anything break after many years of operation, our stringent design will make troubleshooting and repair much simpler. Quality is not only a task for the control department. It is in the Danfoss Semco DNA. From design and procurement through manufacturing by highly skilled craftsmen to final commissioning by our experienced Service Engineers on site. Our ambition is to deliver the right, easy & safe solution to our customers making us the No. 1 choice in fire fighting. dreamteam-lp-co2_2A Danfoss Semco low-pressure CO2 system for the marine segment ready for shipment after final testing.

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  • Water Mist Seminar in the Netherlands

    Published 1 December 2016

    On November 15th 2016, Danfoss Semco participated in a… View

    On November 15th 2016, Danfoss Semco participated in a water mist seminar held by our Dutch partner Unica at their premises in Hoevelaken, The Netherlands. Around 40 participants from major fire advisors, contractors, specifiers and other authorities having jurisdiction received latest information and developments about high-pressure water mist. Among the presented subjects were; The use of CFD tools for designing and approval of high-pressure water mist systems (by guest speaker Ralf Lehmann from IFAB, Berlin) Recent test results and development of high-pressure water mist systems for;
    • Data Centers (FM5560)
    • Flammable liquids (VdS)
    • Development, battery driven HP pump unit
    The full program is found here: unica_seminar_watermist_2016participants-unica-seminar1An interested audience at the water mist seminar
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