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  • Developing a strong foundation in China

    Published July 5, 2016

    With more than 10 years… View

    With more than 10 years of experience on the Chinese market and more water mist installations in China than any other country, we see China as our second home market. Our position in China as number 1 in Water Mist Fire Protection is backed up by a strong Distributor network. 2016 has proven to be an important year in terms of Distributor network development. We added new Distributors to ensure best coverage of the Chinese market. At present, our business covers regions such as Northeast China, North China, Each China, South China, etc. We seek that our Distributors have a good business model that can help us promote and consolidate high-pressure water mist for fire fighting on the Chinese market. We value the importance of information and knowledge exchange between Danfoss Semco and the Partners. We seek to achieve this via our seminars and training programs. Our common effort is towards delivering quality products and services for our customers. We strongly believe that together with our Partners we are on the right road for fulfilling our objective. This is only possible due to a solid foundation build on trust and transparency. china

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