Health Care Facilities Fire Safety

One single system to protect all areas in a hospital

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For more decades, Danfoss Fire Safety has been installing both new and retrofit fire protection systems in health care facilities all over the world. This includes hospitals, clinics, senior care centres, etc.  The advantages of SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system for fire safety are multiple, making it an ideal solution for fire protection of health care facilities.

Improved fire safety

  • Faster activation
  • With a high cooling capability, the system ensures that the fire does not spread. This means there is more time for safe evacuation of the patients and easy access for the fire brigade

Fast and simple installation

  • The small pipe dimensions and low weight makes installation simple and does not require specific structural support
  • Perfect integration with other installation parts such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment present in a hospital
  • The small footprint of the pump unit and low water requirement enables significantly lower investment in building construction

Substantial amounts saved in secondary damage

  • SEM-SAFE® uses corrosion resistant stainless steel pipes. The water coming from the pipes is clean water. In case of discharge, clean-up is easier, faster and with lower costs
  • Due to the low water consumption, water damage is significantly lower compared with other systems, therefore damage to expensive medical equipment present in a hospital is reduced

Simplicity and modularity

  • Easy to install in modern hospitals, where the SEM-SAFE® installation will not disrupt any of the desired architectural features
  • Perfect solution for old buildings, where valuable historical preservation is important
  • The modular and compact SEM-SAFE® system can easily be expanded to cover new sections added to a hospital building
  • The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system is the ideal solution for health care centres as only one system is needed to cover all applications in the facility

Cost saving solution

  • Fewer nozzles need to be installed due to large nozzle spacing
  • The capability to create water curtains enables significantly lighter construction and savings in material

SEM-SAFE® uses up to 50% less water when compared to low-pressure water mist systems and up to 80% less water when compared to traditional sprinklers

To learn more about the benefits of the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system please click here.


Fire Protection of Hospitals




Optimaler Brandschutz
für Krankenhäuser



Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, The Netherlands




New University Hospital (DNU), Denmark


Case stories

Isala Clinics, The Netherlands




Isala-Krankenhaus, den Niederlanden




Katriina Hospital, Finland




Katriina-Krankenhaus, Finnland




Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, China




Shanghai-Shuguang-Krankenhaus, China




The New University Hospital (DNU) in Aarhus, Denmark




Das neue Universitäts-
klinikum (DNU) in Aarhus, Dänemark



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