Over the years, Danfoss has delivered fire fighting solutions to numerous tankers. We deliver innovative fire fighitng technology based on SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2 for the engine rooms and other related spaces.

The standard solution for fire protection in the engine room of tankers has long been high-pressure CO2, but as the vessels are growing in size, so are the engine rooms. Therefore, we believe that it will be beneficial for ship owners to look at low-pressure CO2 as an alternative way of saving money over the lifetime of the vessel.

As ship owners search high and low for savings on the running cost of vessels, we are of the opinion that daily maintenance of the fire fighting systems amounts to a lot of money over the life time of the vessel. Therefore, minimizing the amount of maintenance by installing a low-pressure CO2 system along with other systems from the same supplier will ensure that there will be continuity in the quality and warranty, and in addition that servicing of all systems can be handled by the same Service Engineer

Protected areas

Besides  SEM-SAFE® low-pressure CO2, Danfoss supplies the following types of systems for tankers:

  • SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist for local application in engine rooms
  • Foam system for protection of oil tank decks
  • Dry Powder system for protection of gas tank decks

“Nord Mermaid”, an oil products tanker, protected with foam on deck and high-pressure CO2 in engine room.

Read more about our fire fighting system for other types of vessels here.

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