SEM-SAFE® by Danfoss High-Pressure COsystems 


  • Suitable for extinguishing in closed spaces like engine rooms, auxiliary rooms, cargo holds, etc.
  • Extinguish the fire within a short time and leave no residue after extinguishing: shut-down time after a fire will be reduced to a minimum
  • Suitable for extinguishing fires in combustible liquids, gases and electrical equipment, and for extinguishing smouldering fires in wood, paper, textiles, etc.
  • Installed as a total flooding central bank system inclusive a number of distributions
  • Normally installed with pneumatic release, but can also be supplied with mechanical, electrical, and manual release


The Danfoss SEM-SAFE® high-pressure CO2 system consists of one or more pressure cylinders containing the extinguishing agent CO2. The cylinders are connected via a common manifold.

From the main manifold, the extinguishing agent is led through distribution valves to the protected spaces. The valve construction, cylinder size, and cylinder pressure, combined with the computer calculated pipe and nozzle dimensioning, ensures that the extinguishing agent is distributed in correct quantities and within the prescribed time. The release is activated pneumatically, electrically and/or mechanically.

Danfoss pressure-operated cylinder valves offer the possibility of connecting CO2 cylinders in groups operated pneumatically from one or more release cabinets equipped with CO2 gas cylinders. The release cabinets are equipped with pilot valves for use in opening cylinders and distribution valves by pipe connections. For pneumatic operation, the built-in actuator is used for each cylinder valve. These are connected to the other cylinder valves in the group via series-connected, flexible high-pressure hoses.

Quality assurance 

Danfoss CO2 systems meet a number of international class requirements, including LRS, DNV, BV, PRS, CCS, ABS, GL, RMRS and NK, as well as national authorities.

Read our brochure about SEM-SAFE® high-pressure CO2 systems here.

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