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  • New SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun

    Published May 26, 2020

    We are very happy to… View

    We are very happy to introduce the new SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun product version 2.0. 

    Through engineering and research, we developed a fire fighting product that is an immediate and efficient tool for the fire brigade and non-professionals to use in the fight against fire. The fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun is part of the 1st emergency response strategy in case of a fire. The fire department saves important time.

    The new SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun replaces the traditional design consisting of sprinkler system and separate hose reel system, whilst adding a series of advantages within installation, integration and operation. The most important goal is to offer the best possible efficiency when fighting fire and protect people, equipment and assets.

    The SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun is suitable for installation in any building types, modern or historic, and of any size and height

    It is an immediate fire safety solution for commercial applications such as hotels, stores, warehouses, underground car parks, health care facilities, educational facilities, museums, offices and high-rise buildings. 

    The Danfoss SEM-SAFE®fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun is suitable for fire fuelled by wood furniture, plastics, but also flammable liquids and combustible liquids.

    Key advantages of the SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun

    Fully integrated with SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system

    The SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun is designed for direct connection to a high-pressure water mist system for fire fighting, meaning there is no need for separate installations and separate systems.

                              Simple to operate                                                      

    Precision & simplicity in handling have been crucial parameters in developing the product. 
    The 50 m hose is thin and extra flexible for added ease of handling and a larger coverage area.

     Fast & easy installation

    Everything is optimised on the SEM-SAFE fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun for quick and easy installation by just one person.

    There is  extra flexibility in installation. By turning the cabinet around and by reassembling the internal main components, the fire cabinet door can be changed to left or right hinged.The fire cabinet has pre-cut holes for piping, which allow for extra flexibility in installation. 

    Mounted outside the wall - surface wall mount
    The cabinet is simply installed outside the wall.

    Mounted inside the wall - flush mount
    The cabinet is completely placed in the wall.

    Testes & approved

    The SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun is a CE marked product. 
    It has been tested in accordance with standard
    EN 3-7-2004+A1:2007[1].
    The fire hose complies with ISO-11237.
    It is fire tested against Class A fires and Class B fires

    100% harmless to people and  environment

    The SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gunuses clean water as the extinguishing agent, a sustainable fire safety technology.

    General specification

    Fire test - EN 3-7-2004+A1:2007[1] Portable fire extinguishers 
    Application - Class A Fire and Class B Fire
    CE marking standard - DS/EN 671-1:2012 and EN ISO 12100:2011
    Total dry weight of complete fire hose reel cabinet - 53 kg (including hose and spray gun)
    Total wet weight of complete fire hose reel cabinet - 58 kg (including hose and spray gun)

    Water consumption - 30 L/min

    Min. inlet pressure on hose reel - 82 bar
    Max. inlet pressure - 160 bar
    Inlet connection type - 3/8” BSPP (DN10)

    Outside dimensions - 776 x 776 x 114 mm
    Hose length - 50 m
    Spray gun - equipped with a water mist nozzle & a water jet nozzle

    For further product information please read in the brochure

    One fire safety technology to cover all areas in a building

    The SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinets can be connected directly to the high-pressure water mist piping network with very small branch pipes (OD 12 mm). Thus, a dedicated separate piping network is not needed. This means less time is spent on piping work, planning and installation as well as fewer components need to be installed on-site.  

    The SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system and the SEM-SAFE® fire hose reel cabinet with spray gun  can share the same pump unit, leaving more space for other money generating activities.

    One technology serves all fire safety needs in the building,  making installation, maintenance and service easier to perform.

    Read about the intelligent use of water

    Contact us

    For questions about the product or for orders, please contact our Customer Centre at:

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  • Welcome to Nicolas Briand

    Published May 15, 2020

    We are happy to announce… View

    We are happy to announce the hiring of Nicolas Briand to the position of Sales & Business Development Manager. Starting with 1 May 2020, Nicolas handles our land business in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. His extensive knowledge & experience in high-pressure water mist fire fighting systems will help Danfoss Fire Safety and our business Partners to promote and drive the conversion to the fire safety technology we value. For any inquiries, please contact Nicolas at . Welcome to the Danfoss Fire Safety team!
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